Video Solutions from Pico Digital

Pico Digital makes watching TV more fun with video headend solutions that give viewers more choices, better picture quality, and a greater range of options-including PVR and high-speed data services. So whether your audience is watching at home, on vacation, in school, or anywhere else video needs to be delivered, Pico Digital has an end-to-end solution that you can trust for quality, reliability, and support.

A selection of our newest and most popular products

Complete digital headend solution for CATV systems of every size
HD and SD encoders with a range of channel counts and input/output options
Convert satellite signals (DVB-S/DVB-S2) for CATV (QAM/DVB-C) infrastructure
Seamless real time transcoding of television programming
Multiplex, scramble, and convert IP video signals to QAM/DVB-C channels for use in CATV systems
High definition set top boxes with a range of conditional access features
Combine digital video transport streams into an ASI output
ASI to IP encapsulator
Demodulate and decode ATSC, 8VSB and/or QAM signals with different output options
The compact alternative to the conventional CMTS
The industry's most innovative headend for large scale deployment
Feature choices include fixed and agile microprocessor control, up to 860 MHz frequency range, with SAW filtering for superior performance
Feature choices include 54~806 MHz frequency range, agile microprocessor control
Broadcast quality specifications for unparalleled picture quality
Adds FCC-compliant emergency alert capability to any CATV system at baseband
550 and 860 MHz frequency options
Satellite multiswitches with range of I/O options
Rack, shelves, cooling systems and power distribution